Soon is an amazing integrative thinker. He was able to embrace the key principles of “Switch” and marry them with his deep knowledge of innovation to drive new innovative behaviors.
— Chip Heath, Bestselling Author of “Switch” and “Made to Stick”
Whether you're a start-up or an SME, how can you make sure your product or service stands out? Soon Yu, the former Global VP Innovation VF Corp, and Author of "Iconic Advantage", breaks down branding basics and gives us some tips on how to make your company stand out even in the most mature markets!


After almost 20 years of leading innovation, I have learned important lessons that can help you with the following:


Working with Chip and Dan Heath, authors of “Switch – How to Make Change Happen When Change is Hard,” I have developed best practices to motivate new innovation behaviors that create a winning innovation culture.
Motivating a Culture of Innovation - Video Clip >>


Working with Roger Martin, author of “Playing to Win” and his “Where to Play, How to Win” strategy framework, I have developed clear strategy roadmaps to inform what goes into your innovation pipelines, and more importantly, what stays out.
Innovation Strategy - Sample Framework >>


Working inside multiple Fortune 500 corporations along with various venture backed startups, I have established important innovation capabilities.
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By benchmarking over 50 Design-Led organizations, and by leading efforts to develop winning design strategies and playbooks, I have gained important insights that can help you with the following:


Working along side BMW Design Works and based on learning from 50 Design-Led organizations, I have developed winning design strategies and playbooks.
Creating Iconic Advantage - Video Clip >>


Based on taking the best practices from Stanford D-School, Ideo, P&G and the Rotman School, I have developed a practical approach to teaching and establishing a design thinking capability in your organization.
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Based on my latest book, I can help your organization build Iconic Advantage© – a strategic approach to win with your existing iconic brands and franchises.